My sewing debut - DIY wrap dress

My sewing debut - DIY wrap dress
DIY Sew a wrap dress pattern

4 months ago, I had never sewn anything in my life. 

My mom had gotten a new sewing machine for quilting and was hoping that I would take the old sewing machine off her hands. I did not want to take it at first, I figured that it would add to the clutter in my home and I wouldn't get a chance to use it.

Boy was I wrong. 

Within 2 weeks of bringing the sewing machine home it had seized up from overuse (and lack of oil). Instead of getting it fixed, which would have cost a pretty penny. I decided to purchase my own machine. Mind you, I did not go out and spend a tonne of money on a top-of-the-line machine. I bought this lovely brother machine from Wal-Mart for less than $150. 

brother sewing machine

When I brought the machine home at first I knew I wanted to make a wrap dress. I searched Pinterest for a pattern and came across MimiG's site. I was smitten. She had conveniently posted a review of a wrap dress pattern complete with pictures. I immediately purchased the Butterick pattern she recommended. 

I visited the local fabric store (the one and only local fabric store) and purchased some awesome dress fabrics, well what I thought would be awesome dress fabrics because I really had no clue. 

A couple days later the pattern arrived and I dove right in. I now had a pattern, a sewing machine, and basically no sewing skills. I googled everything, starting with "how to load my bobbin into my sewing machine". I really was clueless. However, I successfully finished my first wrap dress!

my first dress

I never did wear this one out. I wasn't completely happy with all the finishes because I really did not quite know what I was doing. I needed practice.

I made a second wrap dress out of the same pattern and this one was worn outside of the house. I made this one in a warm sweater-like material and wore it to a Christmas Party. It was a hit. I got compliments on my dress throughout the evening and was proud to say I had made it myself. 

This just compounded my love of creating clothing. 

I knew I wanted to learn more, I was getting a little fed up with the tricky parts of sewing. I found attaching sleeves really difficult, along with sewing a hem on a curved neckline. This is where Burda Style Academy came in.

I started their Basic Introduction to Sewing course. I knew I didn't know a lot but this really proved it. I learned so much, and the price was totally reasonable - at $29!

Google did wonders in teaching me, but this course was like a miracle. I totally recommend it! 

While checking out this Burda Style Course I came across their online store for patterns. Here you can purchase patterns to be delivered by mail OR you can buy PDFs. I am a huge fan of the PDFs, these can be a little annoying since you've got to print them at home and attach the pages before cutting out the pa(ttern, but they can be accessed how ever many times you need them! If you cut a pattern and realize you need a bigger size there is no going back, however, if you have the PDF you just print it out and cut the larger size. Voila!

I soon had over 20 patterns that I was excited about working with.

I have found a new hobby and new creative outlet and I certainly hope I've inspired you to even think about doing the same.

I will wrap this post up with 3 tips from my experience so far:

  1. Do not think that sewing clothing is too difficult. It is not. Pick up a machine and play around with it. You'll learn a lot by even trying it out
  2. Go get inspiration from Pinterest or MimiG's site. There's a lot of amazing things showcased and I'm sure you'll find at least one item you'd love to create.
  3. Go to the fabric store, fall in love with a fabric and get makin' :)

I hope I've inspired you to give it a try! I will keep posting my sewing projects as they are complete in case you need more motivation ;)

I'd love to see what you come up with - Comment your finished products below!

- C xo