I have shifted gears a little - my sewing 'debut' was a wrap dress but as you can probably tell, home decor is something I'm always playing around with as well. 

I had been wanting something to put with my new chair for a while and thankfully stumbled across this pin by brittanymakes.

brittanymakes pouf

I was certainly inspired and had to make my own ASAP. I headed to the local fabric store and picked up some faux leather (it was actually vinyl) and couldn’t believe it was only $11.00 a meter. I bought two meters and had enough to do two of these poufs (spoiler alert: someone will be getting one of these for the next birthday, housewarming, etc.)

This was super easy, just like geometry in elementary school you start with measuring how high and how wide you want your pouf. Cut out 4 rectangles for the sides and sew those together first. Next cut out the square for the top and sew that in place.

For the bottom I chose to do a bit of an envelop closure as seen below. For this I cut out two rectangles that would overlap, I sewed a little hem on the top piece to prevent it from fraying, and then sewed the two overlapping pieces together on both sides. This enveloped side was attached just like the others and the pouf could be pulled right-side out through the opening. 

In the brittanymakes tutorial she had handsewn it closed but I’m not that great at hand sewing yet and this was easy enough.  Also, she used upholstery foam to fill the pouf, I used old blankets that I had lying around.

Because I used old blankets to fill the pouf, the only cost for this project was the faux leather which was only about $11. Awesome right?

DIY Pouf Ottoman

Try this one yourself – it is very easy and super comfortable!

Don't forget to comment below, especially if you make one - show it off!

- C