DIY magazine rack from an old shutter

DIY magazine rack from an old shutter
DIY magazine rack from an old shutter

This is an old post from my old blog but it was a favorite of a lot of readers so I wanted to revive it here - take a look :)

Over the Victoria Day weekend I spent a lot of time at the cabin, and as I mentioned before, I found tons of old things to do projects with. My uncle had these old shutters lying around and was talking about throwing them out. When I told him how I could use them to make a magazine rack he was interested and as excited as I was I think. He cleaned them up a bit and cut them down for me, but they still looked like this:

Then I got to painting, I started with a sample paint that I had left over but this was way too tedious. Spray paint for the win! Thankfully Noelle had some orange spray paint lying around that I used (some good roommate I have :)). This project came to a grand total of $0!! Woop woop!

The magazines fit perfectly if they are just threaded over the slats! The covers are still visible and each one can be easily picked out as seen above.. TaDa!

No attachment to the wall necessary! Its heavy enough to lean and not too heavy that it falls over!

I have an addiction to magazines, be it fashion magazine subscriptions or home decor magazines, I have a ton. I am also a hoarder and I refuse to throw any out, this worked out perfect as storage AND it looks great. Another easy project that I love!

Try it out! 

- C xo