Draped Back Dress

Today marks the official first day of Spring! Although it is still super cold and snowing today, I just had to finish this dress to be able to share it today. 

I had originally planned on making this one for my graduation celebration, however, I really wanted the sleeves on it and since I'm graduating in Florida in May so this seems like a little too much fabric to handle in the heat. Needless to say I will find another event to wear this one.

The fabric I used was one of many I picked up in Montreal. I had recently got stranded in Montreal all by my lonesome on the way back from Florida during a snowstorm. After being told it would be two days until I could get another flight I immediately started searching for blog posts on fabric shopping in MTL. I found an awesome post of "the best fabric stores in Montreal" and headed straight to Rue St. Hubert. I stumbled upon Tissus Marina and totally fell for a tonne of her fabrics. This one had just came in and was being unpacked as I walked in. Myself and the store owner (the sweetest lady of all time) had a grand old chat and by the time I left I had bought enough fabric to make my suitcase overweight by 45 pounds - Oops (but totally worth it). 

DIY sew your own draped back dress
Did sew a draped back dress
Badgely Mishka Pattern V1374

I searched online for the best draped back dress pattern and came across this one - the Badgely Mischka for Vogue pattern V1374. I purchased the pattern online and checked the mail on the daily to see if it had arrived. After it did show up I was super excited. It was overly easy to make, the draped part was a little confusing but if you just follow the instructions it works out fine. I'm still new at sewing (as in I got a machine 3 months ago) and necklines totally freak me out. I did find a new way to do necklines and ditched what the pattern said. I simply used the HeatnBond shown above and I love the way it turned out. You can see below that there is a nice crisp neckline with no stitching shown and it is stiff enough to stay put. The HeatnBond was purchased from the fabric store and easily glues two sides together using an iron - easy as pie!

DIY sew a draped back dress
DIY sew a draped back dress
DI sew your own draped back dress

I absolutely love this one, and totally recommend this pattern for anyone! Beginner or not! It is completely doable. 

Some things I've learned since my last post (my sewing debut) are:

  1. This would have been way easier with a stretch fabric but it was a perfect pattern for the style of dress. A stretch fabric would have allowed me to make it a little smaller and allow for it to fit snuggly without a lot of alterations. This fabric isn't stretchy at all and I had to go back a bunch of times to alter it to fit better through the waist and hips. 
  2. I should have watched the BurdaStyle academy class on how to make clothing fit properly to your body type BEFORE I made this one. A lot of us are one size in the chest, a different in the waist, and a different again in the hips. That is me for sure. I had made it to the largest size and had to keep altering and altering. However, this lecture showed that you can cut each section of your pattern to a different size to allow it to fit better right off the bat. I won't get in to how to do this but if you're interested just contact me and I totally will!
  3. HeatnBond is my new go-to and an amazing product. Super easy to use and makes things so simple and pretty. 

What do you think? 

I hope you are inspired to try it for yourself! If you do make sure to comment your product below! 

- C