Living Herb Wall

I've been completely obsessed with the idea of having a "living wall" since I saw the concept on Pinterest. Then I came across this post on Instagram and was sparked again:


I had just started growing herbs and I thought this would be an awesome way to store them. I love what eastcoastcreative did but I wanted something a little less bulky. I decided to dream up my own living wall and this is the result: 


The sun shines through my kitchen window for almost 10 hours each day so there is plenty of light for the herbs. I have to reach up and sprinkle them with water every morning but now I barely ever forget since they are in plain sight. 

I started my herbs within a little greenhouse system which I bought at Gaze Seed Co. here in town. Any little greenhouse will do!  

Each of the herbs was started by planting seeds in the galvanized steel tins that were part of my kit. Once the herbs were established I made wooden surrounds for the tins so that they could be hung on the wall.

I love the wood-look so I head out to Kent and bought three 6 feet lengths of 1x4s. I cut the boxes using my miter box so that the ends were at right angles and fit together snugly. I didn't use a bottom on mine at all since the tin bottom was suffice. The sides were nailed together using a brad nailer with the nails only showing on 2 sides (so that the front is nice and clean looking). 

I actually have 12 herbs planted, only 11 have survived so the others are still sitting on my windowsill. I'm debating whether or not to add another row of herbs here to have 6 or even 8 hung up.


What do you think?